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Franklin Elementary PTO


Franklin Falcon Footprints

“Falcon Footprint” personalized pavers.
 New, larger, walkways and gathering places came to the front of Franklin during the summer 0f 2016 thanks to our community purchasing “Falcon Footprints” for $100 per family. Due to popular demand, we are continuing our campaign, with all new pavers sold supporting an extension of the new “walkways” all the way to the driveway.  These new spaces:
  • create less muddy, less crowded, and safer places for our children and us to stand in front of the Library
  • extend the beauty of our new outdoor space AND now outdoor walkways, by using matching pavers, and
  • become wonderful legacies for families and our greater community

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For more information or to help with this exciting campaign, contact Sheila at smccraith@hotmail.com.

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