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Franklin Elementary PTO


Committee Chairs

The Franklin School PTO is very active! We currently have over 50 committees responsible for a diverse set of activities on behalf of the Franklin community.

After School Enrichment (Michelle Andrews)

Art in the Classroom (Melissa Baker/Jill Joseph/Erin Pesant)

Art Show (Dalila Wisniewski/Courtney Alberta)

Artist in Residence (Stacie Collins, Amanda Grainger)

Back to School Pops (Paola Penarete/ Bulbul Bhattacharya)

Book Fair (Alexis Cohen, Betsy Flaim, Laura Heil, Susan Yarad)

Box Top Collection (Donna Patel)

Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator (Michelle Wallach)

Caring Kids (Tara Viscovich)

Class Parent Coordinator (Maureen Leuenberger/Erica Malik)

Cultural Arts (Stacie Collins, Amanda Grainger)

Field Day (Kristin Pustylnik)

Franklin Fair (Melissa Madden, Maggie Greene)

Garden Planning (Patty Avelino)

Holiday Surprise Shop (Kristin Pustylnik/Isabel Ribeiro)

Library Coordinator (Jenny Birch)

Movie Night (Betsy Flaim, Karen Lemme)

Musical (Sheila Cheney, Christie Engel, Paula Rush, Sarah Vehap, Amy Burke, Payal Patel)

PTO Membership (Joyce Yao)

Spirit Wear (Payal Patel)

Summit Performing Arts Liaison (Stacie Collins)

Teacher Appreciation Week (Amy Wise/Jenny Birch)

Welcome Back BBQ (Betsy Flaim, Christie Engel, Jessica Shin, Melissa Madden, Michelle Andrews)


We are still seeking volunteers for

Seasonal Planters-Maintan planters in front of school and upkeep peace garden.

Summit Education Foundation (SEF)  Liaison to facilitate communication from our school to SEF.

If you would like to discuss chairing a committee or need more information, please contact Volunteer Coordinator  Isabel Ribeiro (isabel.ribeirony@gmail.com).





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