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Franklin Elementary PTO


Franklin School Code of Ethics


Mission Statement

It is our mission as a school community, with a commitment from students, teachers and parents, to provide a safe, peaceful, supportive and stimulating environment where diversity is celebrated, uniqueness of the individual is valued and high academic standards are maintained to ensure success for all students. 


Be your best

Be a friend

Franklin School Contract 

Franklin School is a peaceable, bully-free school that values and expects good character.  The following is a list of standards that we expect our students to demonstrate:


Standards                                                            Examples:

We will:                                                                                             

Honor and appreciate differences in people         Welcome new students to our school

Show respect for ourselves and others                Say compliments to each other

Learn as much as we can                                     Do all of your homework and schoolwork

Be polite and have good manners                        Hold the door for others, saying please and thank you

Be responsible for our behavior                           Tell the truth

Solve conflicts peacefully                                     Use TAG (Tell the problem, Ask how to solve, Get help from an adult)

Treat people like we want to be treated                  Be kind to one another

Keep our school clean                                           Keep your desk and classroom clean; Clean your area at lunch

In particular, we understand that the following unacceptable behaviors will result in the consequences listed below:

Consequences  – Severity of the consequence will depend on the situation, behavior and the number of times it has occurred.

            Unacceptable Behaviors                                           Consequence

1. Fighting or physically hurting others               1.  Talking to Dr. Cole or using peer mediators

2. Using unkind, hurtful, or mean-spirited            2.  Loss of recess time

    words, name calling or lying                              

3. Making a mess and not cleaning up                 3.  Phone call to parents    

4. Interrupting my own or another student’s 

     ability to learn                                                 4.  Community service in school        

5. Bullying or threatening other students,             5.  Meeting with Superintendent           

    harassing other students, serious offenses       6.  Suspension from school

    that disrupt our positive school climate                                               

In addition to the school contract, we understand and support the district’s Zero Tolerance Policy and know that the above consequences can result from any action that is out of compliance with the district policy.  We also understand that Franklin School is a bully-free environment and we will work together to stop bullying in our school.          

T A G *

Tell the person what you don’t like about what they did.

Ask them “How can we solve this?”

Get Help

Tell an adult what


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