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Franklin Field Day is loads of Fun!  Help by volunteering to man a station on June 14th!! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050a4ea4ad23a75-volunteer
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A huge thank you to our Franklin Fair leaders, Melissa Madden and Maggie Greene, and their wonderful team* for an amazing and successful fair this past weekend!    The smiles on the “Emojis Everywhere” decorations weren’t the only ones; all the kids were running around smiling, laughing and having a blast at the games, cake walk, rides, photo booth and children’s raffle! Because these ladies and their team stepped up to make sure the fair happened, these smiles will continue throughout the next school year as the fair is the main PTO fundraiser and its success helps to bring great programs to the school and assets to the classrooms. Thank you also to the Franklin community for volunteering at the fair and supporting the fair through your attendance and participation in the silent auction. A big thank you also to Mrs. Mirrione, Ms. Naples and Rodrigo’s team who as always, went above and beyond to help support the PTO’s events. *Team members: Elizabeth Somerlot, Nicole Abbott (Children’s Raffle), Sarah Fitzsimmons, Andrea Davila (Tobon), Christie Engel (Silent Auction), Leah Enthoven, Liz Orben (Tickets), Sarah Vehap (Decorations), Kathy DePhillips, Betsy Flaim (Cake Walk), Katie Blanco, Katie Gaffney, Kristen Gottstein (Birthday Cube), Jenny Hoffman (Games), MaryEliza McEachan (Face Painting), […]
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Some of you may not know this, but in year’s past Franklin has had a musical every other year. This means that historically each child only has one year to be part of the school’s musical (either as a 4th or as a 5th grader). If you would like to see your child have two chances, then we need your help! We have the opportunity to try and have one again next year but to do so, we need 1 more parent to join the core team by the end of May. So far we have three parents who worked on the musical this year so if you join the team, you will not be starting from scratch! It really is an incredible experience for the children, one that I personally would love to see happen next year!! If you are interested, or even just have questions, please email me (Sheila) at smccraith@hotmail.com  
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  Franklin Fair Volunteers NEEDED! We need more parents to volunteer their time during the Fair hours on Saturday, 10am-2pm. SignUp Genius: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050a4ea4ac29a64-franklin1  Visit the Fair website for info on packages and how to buy: +https://www.501auctions.com/franklinelementaryschool/tickets Calling all Franklin Fair Cake Walk Bakers! Get ready to bake some Emoji Cakes -More details at: https://www.501auctions.com/franklinelementaryschool  
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Did you love SHReK The Musical J.R.? Did your child love being in SHReK? Would you love it if there was a musical again next year?! I would! There is the opportunity for us to try and have musicals back to back years IF we can get a group of 6 parents together  by the END OF MAY who are committed to supporting the 3 outside professionals responsible for Directing, Production, Choreography, Costumes, Lighting and Sound. We all learned a lot about how to make the process run even smoother next year and have devised a plan that better manages the tasks at hand. A key piece of that plan though is starting soon so email me right now 🙂 (smccraith@hotmail.com) to help create an experience that isn’t just fun for everyone involved, but also: Exposes our children to the arts Brings students together and builds camaraderie Helps develop skills beyond singing and acting like: public-speaking, confidence, teamwork, and more! Looking forward to working with you, Sheila Cheney, PTO President smccraith@hotmail.com
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 So you’d like to get more involved in the school, but you’re not sure you’re ready to take the lead role?  Our vice president position has your name written all over it!  You’ll learn the ropes of what the Franklin PTO does and be part of decision making on important issues throughout the year.  You’ll help the president get things done and make things happen – kind of like of a superhero’s sidekick, but without the silly costume.  Be a volunteer superhero today!  Contact Christie Engel, PTO Vice President, cbengel@gmail.com for more information.  
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A rainy Friday evening couldn’t keep away a gym full of Franklin students, parents, and siblings as they enjoyed the delightful animated movie Sing.  There were blankets and sleeping bags covering every free inch of the gym floor and children dressed in their pajamas ruled the night. The PTO would like to thank Karen Lemme and Betsy Flaim for organizing this fun family event!
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