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Tuesday, April 28th 8:20am in F.L.I.C What is it like to be a Library Volunteer~ Come learn how you can volunteer next year!
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  Teacher Appreciation week is almost here— In celebration of our outstanding faculty and staff we will be decorating the copy room with students’ letters of appreciation. Please write a note, poem or draw a picture for your favorite classroom teacher, specials teacher or staff member. Please put your letters in the collection box marked “Teacher Appreciation Letters” outside the school office now until Friday, May 1st. Thank you for your participation! Franklin is so lucky to have such a wonderful faculty and staff. Let’s let them know it! Any questions, please contact: jennybirch (jennybirch@verizon.net) or Amy Wise (amywise@yahoo.com).
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BEAUTIFY FRANKLIN!! The Franklin PTO is currently looking for several parents to form a task force to improve the grounds of Franklin Elementary School.  The task force would work with the PTO and Mr. Gil and would be responsible for: Identifying and hiring a Landscape Architect who would provide a hardscape and softscape schematic for FES. Identifying and recommending a landscaper to aid in the implementation of the architect’s plans. Establishing “brick” fundraising to offset costs of project. Some considerations/guidelines for the architect: Incorporate an outdoor classroom area Incorporate several raised gardening beds preserve reflection area and peace garden Interested parents should contact Clara Jenkins at either clarasjenkins229@gmail.com or 908 263 7263.
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Please note:  the Summit Public Schools are now using a google mail-based email system, and all teacher and staff email addresses are changing.  Effective May 1, 2015 all teacher staff email addresses follow the format of first initial+last name@summit.k12.nj.us.  The previous system used the domain @fc.summit.k12.nj.us. For example, Mr. Gil’s previous email was fgil@fc.summit.k12.nj.us.  His new email will be fgil@summit.k12.nj.us.
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  Thanks to the Franklin Parents’ donations, the PTO was able to fund so many wonderful things for our children. The PTO Executive Board would like to summarize all the things that have been funded this year with your financial support and the earnings from our fundraisers. This impressive list emphasizes the important role that your donations play in supporting our school: *Refrigerator for the teachers’ lounge ($800) *New rugs for each classroom ($2200) *$200 additional stipend for classroom library purchases ($5000) *Toe tokens for Mrs. Burr ($260) *Large book pouches ($135) *Copy/memo holders for 4th graders’ computers ($160) *Chair pockets ($1000) *Closet for Ms. Welence (($200) *Extra first aid supplies for nurse’s office ($240) *Indoor recess games ($1150) *Filtered water fountains (pending) *Cafeteria sound system ($1400) *Book baskets ($546) In addition to what was budgeted for: *Character Counts *Cultural Arts *FLIC speaker *4th and 5th grade agenda books *Time For Kids *Scholastic Science / Spin Magazine *Grounds Beautification *Teacher Stipends *Directory *Website *Recess equipment *Hospitality and teacher & staff appreciation  
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Author and Illustrator Peter Catalanotto Visited Franklin School For First and Second Graders On April 14th and 15th   Thanks to the PTO, all first and second graders were treated to a visit from author/illustrator Peter Catalanotto. Each child met with Peter twice. Peter is the author and illustrator of 16 books including Dylan’s Day Out and Matthew ABC. He has also illustrated 30 others including Mother to Tigers and Happy Birthday America. All four first grades first heard him talk about how he gets his ideas. He talked about Matthew ABC coming from his own kindergarten experience where there was another child named Peter in his class. He thought WHAT IF all the children in a class had the same name. All four second grades also heard him speak about where he gets his ideas. Peter shared that in his book Monkey and Robot the characters are based on his daughter and him.  The rest of his visit was filled by having two classes come together to brainstorm a story. He stressed that each story begins with a character who wants something, who then encounters a problem and tries to find a solution. The children worked to develop ideas […]
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Franklin Fair Chairs, Rachel Callahan & Christie Engel, with Mr. Gil at The Franklin Fair Thank you to all the parents who showed support for Franklin by coming out on Saturday to enjoy a fun day at the Franklin Fair. We thank you for your generous contributions both with your time and donations.  The beautiful weather was the perfect backdrop to the “Everything is Awesome” Fair.  A special thank you to Christie Engel and Rachel Callahan for their tremendous efforts in chairing the Fair and to all the committee chairs for making the 2015 Franklin Fair a wonderful experience for all. We are confident that this year’s Franklin Fair will allow the PTO to plan some outstanding activities for the students and will allow for some wonderful outdoor projects for next year. Thank you again to everyone,  Pat Acevedo and the Franklin PTO Executive Board
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    Franklin has partnered with Miir to create these distinctive water bottles. For every bottle purchased clean water is given to a person in need. With a code special to each bottle, you can even track your impact. Since 2009, purchases have built 12 wells providing approximately 6,000 people with clean water every day for a year. That’s nearly a quarter of Summit’s population. The bottles are 800ml (27 ounces), 8” tall, weigh 6.6 ounces and are made of dishwasher ­safe BPA­ free stainless steel and comes with a screw­-on rubber wedge lid. Bottles are $15 each and 2 bottles for $28 and will be available for Franklin Field Day June 5. To pre-order, please return this slip with a check made out to “Franklin PTO” and indicate your child’s name, class and quantity of bottles by Friday, May 1st. A limited number of bottles will be available for purchase after the pre-order date. If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Zyko at eileenazyko@gmail.com. Child’s Name:
 Number of Bottles: Amount enclosed:
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Happy School Library Month Updates form FLIC! Thanks to the 82 people who are on our Wall of Readers. One was a parent! Yeah- what a role model! Next year let’s get more faces on the wall. JOIN US: Tuesday, April 14th 8:15ish (right after you drop off the kids) Presentation for Parents It’s All About the Books. How can you help your children find the next good read? Author and illustrator Peter Catalanotto will be doing presentations for grades 1 and 2 on Wednesday and Thursday. Feel free to come and listen. Please see the schedule below for all the changes for the week. *Monday, April 13 The following classes will have library: 1MC, 2SL, 3A, 3P, 4C, 4D, 5L   *Tuesday, April 14 8:15ish Parent Presentation: It’s All About the Books The following classes will have library: 2D, 2W, 3S, 4B, 4S, 5F, 5W      *Wednesday, April 15 Peter Catalanotto Visits 8:45- 9:45 All First Grades 10:05- 11:05 All Second Graders 12:45- 1:45 2W, 2S Writing Workshop   *Thursday, April 16 Peter Catalanotto Visits 8:45- 9:45 1M, 1MC Writing Workshop 10:05- 11:05 1C, 1S Writing Workshop 11:30 8 lucky first and second graders get to eat lunch with […]
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