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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Franklin Elementary School- Update for December 15-19 ·  Continue steel erection and metal decking. ·  Continue forming of footings at Elevator addition. ·  Commence construction of mock up panel for masonry. ·  Continue submittal process.
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Invention Convention is a voluntary program that will take place on March 3, 2015 and is being offered to all third, fourth and fifth grade students in Summit. The students are asked to design an original invention or innovation of an existing product based on an area of interest. The goal of this program is to inspire students to be creative and develop problem-solving skills in a practical and hands on manner. The registration deadline for this program is January 12, 2015. For full details click on this link Invention Convention.
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Franklin School has organized a committee to review lunchroom meals and menu offerings.  Your input is valued and appreciated.  Please take a few moments to complete the following survey to let us know your thoughts on the lunchroom and your priorities.  The survey link will remain active until January 12th. Lunchroom Survey
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Activities during the week of December 1-5: *Commenced installation of structural steel and metal decking. *Commenced underpinning at elevator addition. *Completed concrete pour at areaways on North and South sides of addition. *Continued submittal process.   Anticipated activities during the Week of December 8-12: *Continued steel erection. *Continued underpinning at elevator addition. *Continued submittal process.              
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An outstanding  Cultural Arts assembly for all grades took place last Tuesday, December 16th by —-“Ball in the House”—- Hopefully your child was as entralled by this performance as the teachers were. The a cappella singers performed many well known songs such as Billie Jean (by Michael Jackson), Happy (by Pharrell Williams), YMCA (by the Village People) and an original tune created by a young five-year-old boy (son of one of the group members), to name a few.  This was an interactive performance where the students were encouraged to sing along. One of the singers urged the children to be involved in the art of music and emphasized that music and being in a band is appropriate for girls AND boys. He told his childhood story about being persuaded by his friends to drop out of his band because he was a boy. He took their advice, but then realized that they were wrong. He is ecstatic that he formed a different conclusion than what his friends suggested. How could a quintet of a cappella singers sound like a full instrumental band? The “percussion” member of the group taught the children how to make drum and symbol sounds with their […]
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  This week during library all learners at Franklin School will participate in An Hour of Code. Check it out at http://code.org The librarians at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School have created an amazing resource filled with websites related to coding here: http://lcjsms.summit.libguides.com/content.php?pid=644651&sid=5335082 Any questions, please contact: Loreli Stochaj (lstochaj@fc.summit.k12.nj.us)
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