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Monthly Archives: August 2014

This year we welcome Mrs. Mary Davis, a new 2nd grade teacher to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Mrs. Caryn Coscia, who has accepted a teaching post closer to home.  Originally from the Southwest, Mrs. Davis is an experienced teacher and has been in our part of the country for the last several years.  She has taught in kindergarten to third grade classrooms for over 10 years.  Mrs. Davis is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, where she majored in Early Childhood Education.  Mrs. Davis also has a Master of Science in Elementary Education, and a certificate in Special Education.   We are excited to have Mrs. Davis join the Franklin family.
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Week of August 18th: *Completed construction of new partition for temporary egress and fire rated ceiling. *Completed electrical work for temporary egress. *Completed installation of exterior temporary egress door. *Commenced sheetrock ceiling in temporary egress corridor. *Commenced installation of lighting in temporary corridor. *Commenced installation of temporary egress steps on South side of building. *Commenced excavation of building addition footprint. *Continued submittal process. Anticipated for Week of August 25th: *Complete sheet rocking of ceilings at temporary egress corridor. *Complete installation of light fixtures and exit signs at temporary egress corridor. *Continue excavation of building addition footprint. *Commence excavation of elevator footprint. *Continue submittal process.
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FRANKLIN SCHOOL The Warwick Avenue entrance to the school is closed due to the construction.   Drop off procedures are not affected and will remain the same.  Listed below are the changes in the arrival and dismissal locations. FRONT DOOR-BLACKBURN ROAD First Grade Classes LIBRARY DOOR-RIGHT SIDE-BLACKBURN ROAD Third Grade Classes Second Grade Classes 4/5 GRADES NEW WING-BACK PLAYGROUND Fifth Grade Classes Fourth Grade Classes SIDE DOOR BY WARWICK ROAD CLOSED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION
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  August 21, 2014 Dear Franklin Parents, I am excited to be the incoming principal at Franklin School and look forward to welcoming your children and you in   September.  I know many of you from the Wilson Primary Center, but look forward to meeting new faces as well.  When we open  school in September, our current principal, Dr. Sheila Cole, will still be with us. For the first month of school, she will work with me to make the coming year a great one. Next Wednesday, August 27, we will mail out placement letters informing you of your child’s teacher and changes in drop-off and pick-up pattern, which are a product of our current construction.  As construction proceeds, we have committed ourselves to provide timely and informative updates.  Throughout the year you will receive these updates from me and will also see information on the district website. In the mail, I will be sending your children a brief letter of introduction and also mention construction.  Anticipate that your children will see changes in the building and its surrounding area when they come to us in September.  If you have a chance, be mindful of safety and do not come on […]
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School for the 2014-2015 year begins on Thursday, September 4th. Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing summer. It’s going to be a great year at Franklin! Please remember to check the website regularly for the most up-to-date information at Franklin.
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