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Monthly Archives: February 2014

THANK YOU to all the families who donated books this year to FLIC through our “Remember Me!” book program.    In our third year, we’ve DOUBLED our participation. FLIC received over 100 books from 43 families and scout troops.   Please join me in thanking the families below: Benevento, Barbato, Birch, Borst, Carey, Collins, DelJones, Eliot, Engel, Feeney, Fischer, Harvey, Hoffman, Holman, Jain, Jenkins, Joseph, Joublin, Landis, Malik, McCann, McCeney, Merino, Murray, Naiman, Nazarali, O’Brien, Pardo, Quinn, Schluter, Sexton, Sharpe, Shroff, Silberstein, Thatch, Vigliotta, Weiss, Wimsatt, Wisniewski, Yarad, and Girl Scout Troops 40117 (2nd Grade) and 41121 (3rd Grade). “Remember Me!” is the book “donation & dedication” program through which you can donate a book to FLIC with a special dedication to your child, classroom, troop, club, or teacher.  Kids love the attention and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Please consider this as you hit relevant milestones – good for birthdays, holidays, graduation, new grade, troop service, etc.  See FLIC Wish List here:  http://goo.gl/8DN3i1. Remember, ANYONE can give – friends, grandparents, too – and it’s even great for year-end gifts!
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